Purple Massacre Flash Game

About Purple Massacre Flash Game

Purple Massacre Flash is an FNAF Fan- Made Game. You can play it online for free right now. It will bring a thrilling battle to you. In which you control a character that you may see him in the FNAF online series. His name is Purple. Your mission is very simple to understand. Just complete it and you will become the winner. Are you ready to conquer this challenge?
After you join in this FNAF Games, you should learn moves. Next, try your best to use them quickly. So, the first enemy is a little boy. You can stab him easily with A key. However, this child is not the main target. Freddy is the animatronics that you must destroy. As soon as you see him, you need to shoot down him. If not, you will lose. Each time you do that, you get the kill point. Let’s embark on the battle and collect the highest score!

Purple Massacre Flash Game


Use A to stab the child, D to shoot Freddy.

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