Download Alta’s Fright free for a new scary adventure! Playing FNAF fan games is always fun because you will experience new horror challenges and have more chances to show off your surviving skills. There are many fan games from the FNAF GameJolt Download series, and Alta’s Fright is one of them for you to try.

Alta’s Fright free download pits you against the animatronic mascots while you are working at a scary building for several nights. Besides protecting the building, you are also tasked with testing the animatronics of XTADIA corps to see how they are working. Although the purpose of this project is to check the way of the animatronics work, it’s still a big challenge to you because there is always a chance for them to get malfunctioned, and when they do, you will be targeted. To avoid their attacks, you must use the cameras to track their movement through the building. They can walk and hide whenever they want. Hence, it’s important to know where they are heading. You have to close your doors in time before they get into your room to jumpscare you. Try to defeat the animatronics and survive until the end!

Alta's Fright V.1.2.1

Version: 0.1.21Size: 318 MBDownload Alta's Fright V.1.2.1

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